Few Well-Known Computerized CBT Courses

Computerized CBT courses are online programs, which take you through a series of steps to deal with depression and problem solving.

FreeFighter is free software, which helps us to deal with panic, anxiety and phobias. It is available on the NHS in the UK, if the authorities have taken a license for it. You can access it at your own pace, see videos and also track your progress. There are different versions.

What is the best company that provides CBT courses in UK? BeatingTheBlues needs referral from your GP or service providers. It has eight courses for about an hour, which help you to understand the link between what you think and what you do. You can learn strategies to help you cope better in the short term and workable skills for life. It helps to build self confidence and motivation.

MoodGYM is a training program to help you to prevent and deal with depression. It also has different modules.